There is something magical about Filipino vegetarian dishes that has won the hearts of people from all over the world. The colorful flavors, special mixtures and a bit of love in every dish is the characteristic of Filipino vegetarian recipes. Today, we’re thrilled to share the celebration for what makes these dishes so popular worldwide, and we’ll take you on a wonderful trip through the 15 best selected vegetarian Filipino recipes you should try at Shoretimepinoy.

Filipino Vegetarian Recipes: A Global Superstar

The world talks about Filipino vegetarian recipes and that is for sure! The combination of the use of fresh and locally sourced ingredients as well as a rich culinary heritage make them a global success. From hearty stews to revitalizing salads, Filipino vegetarian recipes present a varied assortment that will satisfy all palates. At Shoretimepinoy, we serve you these real flavors on your table and make your dining a memorable one.

1. Vegan Filipino Peanut Stew (Kare-Kare):


Picture a dense stew with a medley of veggies drowning in a peanutty sauce. The Vegan Kare-Kare in Shoretimepinoy perfectly swirls the spirit of this Filipino classic into a comforting and hearty feast.


2. Vegetable Lumpiang:



Visually imagine a crispy spring roll filled with a colorful mixture of vegetables and served with a sweet and salty dipping sauce. A Taste of Philippines  Shoretime Pinoy Vegetable Lumpia is a revelation to Filipino cuisine, providing crispiness in texture and sour while sweet flavors.


3. Laing:


Travel to the Bicol region via the taste of Laing, a blend of dried taro leaves and coconut milk infused with spices. `Do not be afraid of the word “spicy” – Shoretimepinoy’s Laing ends up in striking a very harmonious note, blending together heat and comfort at the same time.`

4. Tofu Sisig:


Taste Filipino street food’s thrill with our Tofu Sisig. The tofu sizzle, in conjunction with the savory notes, makes this dish that embodies this everyday Filipino favorite, without meat. Tofu Sisig of Shoretimepinoy is the eulogy of textures and tastes.


5. Vegan Lechon Paksiw:


Sink your teeth into the mystical sweet and sour flavour of Lechon Paksiw which is mainly made with roasted pig but is magically transformed into a vegan version at Shoretimepinoy. Tangy, flavorful, and purely made from vegetables, our Vegan Lechon Paksiw is a modern interpretation of a Filipino favorite.


6. Ginataang Gulay (Vegetables in Coconut Milk):


His current style influences artists, Indulge in warm and cozy feelings with our Ginataang Gulay which is a mix of dancing vegetables in a rich coconut milk broth. We’ve nailed down tropical party in the mouth with this wonderful Filipino food at Shoretimepinoy.


7. Kutsinta: The “puto’:


To get a sweet break, plunge into the world of Kutsinta – soft, chewy steamed rice cakes that come in many different colors. It’s a Philippine dessert that showcases the fine blend of sweetness.


8. Tortang Alimasag: Filipino cry-cry Omelete:


Don’t be concerned about the real crabs – the we use veggie-based ingredients to make Tortang Alimasag at our Shoretimepinoy. Its fluffing, nice, and totally does not have crab.


9. Tortang Talong:


Yet simple and incredibly delicious, Tortang Talong is eggplant omelet. *Grilled eggplant cut into thin pieces and dipped into egg – it is a Filipino dish that even a ten year old would like it. Shoretimepinoy’s rendition of this favorite adds a touch of wizardry.


10. Chop Suey:


   Chop Suey at Shoretimepinoy is a play of colors consisting of stir-fried assorted vegetables. It creates a vegetable feast in a dish. Literally loaded with flavors, it is a famous Filipino dish being introduced in almost all events, which also satisfy children and adults likewise.


11. Ginataang Langka:


Savor the sweet and savorful essence of ginataang langka as young jackfruit baths in a coconut milk pond. The special flavor of jackfruit is blended with the creamy coconut milk and representing a fantastic feast from Shoretimepinoy.


12. Ensaladang Mangga:


Shoretimepinoy’s Ensaladang Mangga is a green mango salad with a zesty dressing. It is a burst of freshness every bite, the ideal side that counteracts the richness of other dishes in the Filipino cuisine.

13. Pinakbet:


Pinakbet derives from the north of the Philippines and it is a flavorful vegetable stew with an extensive range of local products, all being very tasty. At Shoretimepinoy, we bring the authenticity of Pinakbet from the plate to you.


14. Vegan Filipino Pancit Bihon:


Vegan pancit bihon is something that is served at Shoretimepinoy. It is a Filipino noodle dish. Loaded with vegetables and taste, it becomes a snap decision for a tasty and filling meatless meal.

15.Ginisang Munggo


Ginisang Munggo is a Filipino dish featuring sautéed mung beans, garlic, onions, and tomatoes, creating a hearty and flavorful mung bean soup. Often enriched with vegetables




We welcome you to walk through the 15 vegetarian Filipino recipes on our Shoretimepinoy, the best Filipino restaurant in Qatar. As a restaurant that stands by its authenticity, flavors, and a warm dining vibe, the go-to place for the inimitable Filipino culinary trip is Shoretimepinoy. Come with us and try our menu to the  and savor the richness, as each dish comes with a story, and every bite is a celebration. Enjoy dining at the best Filipino restaurant in Qatar!.

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