Welcome to Shoretime Pinoy, our portal to the colourful Filipino cuisine right in the heart of Qatar. To start exploring the culinary landscape of the Philippines, one cannot ignore the wide range of beverages that go hand in hand with its mouthwatering dishes. Come one, come all!    Our Filiino drinks menu features a gastronomic journey of ambrosial tropical mixes and enigmatic cocktails imbued with unique  Filipino flavours.

In this article, we take you on a journey to explore a total of 20 Filipino drinks that will surely tantalise your taste buds and make you hunger for more. Whether you are a professional aficionado or a fresh newbie, you will find something to drink, taste, and enjoy. Please, just sit back,  relax, and we desire to take you on a trip of your life through the Philippines, right here at Shoretime Pinoy.

#1. Buko Juice

The small coconuts cold na ang Buko juice is a refreshing juice, simple and straight from the fruit directly. It is an automatic humidifier, ideal for a sunny day in Qatar.

#2. Sago at Gulaman

This candy and coloured this: Let’s mix tapioca pearls ( sago) and the agar gelatin cubes DID BULAGMAN 1: Heat brown sugar and water in a saucepan. Put vanilla extract, or you could use essence. Added together, stir it well. TAPOS FERN Coconut milk while hot, then let cool.

#3. Calamansi Juice

To serve this pure delight, wherein the juice is made from the sweet fruits of the Calamansi cluster.

#4. Pineapple Juice

Fresh pineapple juice gives a sugary and acidic tropical break.

#5. Dalandan Juice

Dalandan, a Philippine species of coconut tree, bears an easily palatable citrus juice.

#6. Guyabano juice

Otherwise termed soursop, guyabano has an acute creamy and sweet taste that attracts the fruity-lovers

#7. Mango Shake

Take pleasure in the rich texture of a sweet and sour perfection captured by the essence of summer with this deliciously creamy mango shake.

#8. Buko Pandan

A delicious concoction, a dessert that will make you fly to heaven from hints of dried coconuts (buko) and pandan-flavored gelatin.

#9. Melon Juice

Quench the heat with cool melon juice with delicate sweetness—a chilled drink to stave off ruinous hot weather.

#10. Buko Shake

To make a creamy buko juice, one could opt for the smooth blended drink of a modified version called a buko shake with ice.

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#11. Lemonade

A refreshingly simple lemonade laced with freshly squeezed drops of sucrose, water, and sugar, lemonade is a nostalgic antidote to dehydration.

#12. Cucumber Cooler

Mix with this cooling drink, which is made from cucumber juice and suitable for hot days in Qatar.


Salabat is a tea with ginger, lemon, and honey, and one’s health benefits from every sip.

#14. Pandan tea

Pandan tea is produced by steeping aromatic and balmy pandan leaves in hot water to yield a weak herbal beverage.

#15. Barley Water

A concoction of cooked milky white barley, sweetened with sugar, and flavoured with calamansi or lemon.


#16. Pandan Cooler

The Pandan Cooler is a juicy, fragrant drink natively pepared from pandan water-infused sweetened sugar with basil seed garnished

#17. Sarasi

Sarasi is a version of root beer in the Filipino style that has a unique taste and spices like sarsaparilla.

#18. Pineapple-Mango Cooler

The tartness of tropical pineapple and mango flavours just captures any winter fanatic fantasy with a warm, refreshing cooler.

#19. Banana Shake

Banana shakes made from ripe bananas blended with milk and ice provide a richer, creamy substitute to liquid too frivolous to be consumed.

#20.Sampaloc Juice

A sour and tangy drink made from tamarind (Sampaloc) pulp mixed with water and sugar.


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In synthesis, Filipino beverages come in several flavours and consistencies that are very suitable for satisfying. your thirst as they sink those different juices or fragments you long for, each a sweet tart, etcetera. Creeper’s Pallet There are local Filipino restaurants in Qatar that serve traditional Filipino drinks for you to explore and taste as well. The next time your mouth yearns for a refreshing drink, why don’t you try one of these delightful dishes when visiting the Philippines? You won’t be disappointed!