Top 7 Tips on How to Choose a Filipino Restaurant in Doha

Doha, situated on the Persian Gulf coast in the east, stands as the capital city of Qatar. More than two-fifths of the nation’s population resides within its limits. It serves as the central hub for various domestic and international organizations, housing major entities like QatarEnergy and Qatargas, the country’s largest oil and gas companies. The city’s economy thrives mainly on the revenue generated from the oil and natural gas industries.


The awe-inspiring skyline that welcomes newcomers to the Qatari capital vividly showcases the immense oil wealth that has reshaped Doha. This transformation has elevated the city from its origins as a modest fishing and pearl diving town to the present cosmopolitan Qatar. While there is much to describe about the capital city, our focus in this post is directed towards Filipino food in Doha.

Filipino Cuisine in Doha, Qatar

Is this your first time wanting to try Filipino food? Perhaps you’re an avid fan of the Archipelago’s culinary preparations. Well whichever category you fall into, we have just the place to suggest. Why not give the culinary experts of Doha a visit? Sit down and unwind yourself for a mouthful of the best of Filipino cuisine.


Before we list the top 7 tips to choose the best Filipino restaurant in Doha, Qatar for you, what is the Filipino Culinary Scene in Qatar like?


The Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement (PCHM) on Filipino Food Month in Qatar addressed:


“Filipino food is often referred to as one of the world’s earliest fusion cuisines, having its ancestral cooking influenced mostly by the surrounding environment of people’s settlements and early foreign visitors such as the Mexicans from the galleon trade period and the Muslims from neighboring countries.

Filipino cuisine has complex and distinct flavors—mostly a combination of salty, sour, sweet, and bitter, although spicy dishes are also highly concentrated in Bicol and in the Muslim areas of Mindanao.

Majority of its dishes are also best served as viands with rice—the country’s major food staple—and dipping sauces and condiments such as buro (fermented rice and fish), bagoong (fermented salted fish or shrimp), and suka (vinegar)”.



Filipino food in Qatar is gaining immense popularity and its presence is only spanning further. Returning to our blog, let’s continue the quest on how to pick an authentic Filipino restaurant.

Choosing the Best Filipino Restaurant in Doha

There are dozens of Pinoy restaurants in Doha, each of them flaunting their menus of authentic Filipino cuisine. With so many options, how will you be able to select a diner? Now this is where we get down to business, we are here to guide you to the right place and have you seated for the ultimate taste test.

What is your Filipino Food Preference?

Before you begin searching for the eatery, decide what you want to eat. This will make things much easier. What do you want to take a bite of? Are you craving seafood – Sinigang, slowly roasted pig – lechon, or a full stomach feast? Or perhaps your sweet tooth yearns for Filipino desserts?


Apart from the dish, you should also consider the flavors you want to try. Some dishes might lean towards sourness and spice. Classic dishes like Adobo will be on the tangy side, and Bicol Express can be a little too spicy to handle.


Moreover, recognizing dietary restrictions or food allergies is also a factor to chime in with your food preferences. Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, vegetarian, or have specific allergies, knowing your limits when it comes to certain items can guide you to restaurants that can cater to your specific needs without compromising on the authenticity of the prepared meal.


Filipino cuisine, with its abundance of its ingredients and exotic flavors, offers both exquisite delights as well as challenges for those with dietary constraints. Now this should also be on top of the priorities you should be setting while choosing where you dine.

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The 4 R’s You Can Keep in Mind Before Choosing

What’s that? The Four R’s? You might know these, we’re just making it easier for you to remember.

So they are:

  • Research
  • Recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Ratings


Now that we’ve settled on which Filipino food item tempts your taste buds, let’s conduct some Research. Who doesn’t engage in background digging before making decisions nowadays? Selecting the perfect Filipino restaurant in Doha can be quite the task at hand, and researching can help in narrowing down your compiled list.The second ‘R’ stands for Recommendations.


Those who have savored Philippine culinary creations can undoubtedly recommend the best places there. Whether it’s an excerpt from a food blogger, feedback recommendation from the expatriate Filipino community of Qatar, or advice from a fellow food lover in your circle. This will help you prioritize which diner to visit.Reviews can serve as a great turning point for you in the roadmap to a culinary experience.


Be it from frequent customers or one-time visitors, their inputs on restaurant review sites like Yelp, on popular Instagram reels, or even the restaurant’s Google Business Profile can be the additional push or pull you need to decide if it’s worth heading to a particular Filipino restaurant in Qatar.


Now, along with those reviews, you can also assess the online Ratings. Does it have nearly 5 stars, 3 stars and above, or is it below that? That will better convince you where to go and where not to.

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The Situated Location and Ambience

After you’ve considered all the online and offline suggestions you’ve received, you might have concluded where you’ll be visiting. This is when you might check out the location. Is the restaurant too far away and less accessible for a quick stop-by?


Is the restaurant setting up to your expectations? Does it offer the perfect ambiance for you to savor various Filipino preparations? Perhaps a cozy corner for some ‘me-time’ and good Filipino food is what you need after a long day. Or are you after a large diner ready to accommodate your friends, family, co-workers, and more?

Explore The Menu

Let’s recall the first step of our guide. What was your preference again? Because you need to check out the menu to see if they have your dishes in it. Perhaps you changed your mind at the last minute while going through the available preparations. Don’t worry though, most Filipino restaurants will feature the classic favorites and popular Filipino dishes on their food listings. Even if they aren’t available, there are plenty of diverse culinary options for you to test and taste.

Do Ask Questions

If you are still contemplating what’s on the menu, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Whether it’s about the ingredients, preparation methods, or even the spice levels, ask the waiter or the staff present.


Also, inquire about what’s their best dish and what’s their special combo offers. What are they suggesting based on your preferences? After all, they are the experts in their Filipino recipes, so have a little faith in what they bring to the table.

Hygiene and Regulations

We’ve covered several factors for selecting a Filipino restaurant. However, this is also a primary factor to cross-check. Is the place well-maintained and clean? Are the ingredients and food served fresh? Are they following proper restaurant hygiene practices and food regulations? Do not compromise when it comes to health, especially when it comes to eating.

Value for Money

Perhaps you are craving Filipino cuisine, but the price has left you disappointed. You definitely don’t want that. If it is friendly on the budget, it will also be friendly for the gastronomy itself. Keep both your palate and wallet happy.


We’re at the end of our guide, and we hope it has been informative for you. Filipino cuisine is something you shouldn’t miss out on. There are must-try Filipino dishes out there in Doha waiting to be savored by you. Also, we have our must visit fililino restaurant to mention here. Shore Time Pinoy is a 24/7 Filipino restaurant in Doha, serving up authentic Filipino dishes. Don’t forget to drop by. We’ll be waiting.

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